Who We Are


A Message From Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez,
Superintendent, Hartford Public Schools

At Hartford Public Schools, we are committed to academic innovation, to fostering an educational community that transcends geographic boundaries and empowers inspiration and curiosity so that each one of our 20,000 students can discover “their own superpower.” 

I love Hartford Public Schools. My hopes and dreams are wrapped around the success of all our schools to help our children thrive. Our duty as a school community is to ensure that every child has a safe, respectful and nurturing school environment

As a product of the Hartford Public Schools system, I know what the school district is capable of and I know what is at stake. That’s why from neighborhood schools, to magnet schools and open choice schools, Hartford Public Schools provides more education opportunities than any other district in the region— we believe education involves more than a one-size-fits-all approach. 

I welcome you to come and learn more about us by visiting our schools, attending an open house event, or viewing our website at to make the right choice for your child’s future.

Are you in the right place?

If applying to the Hartford District Choice lottery you made it! Click here to apply.  If you are looking into other options such as Hartford magnet or open choice please visit