Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan School (ELAMS)

Principal: José A. Colón
Email: colonj002@hartfordschool.org
Phone: 860-695-4500

Address: 101 Catherine Street, Hartford, CT 06106

At ELAMS, learning takes on a project-based research approach where critical thinking and problem-solving skills are mastered through participation in learning expeditions, case studies, field work, and exhibitions of student work. The Expeditionary Learning model energizes student motivation and engagement through high-level tasks and active roles in the classroom. Clear expectations are set and followed, promoting character traits such as respect, responsibility, teamwork and commitment to high-quality work. ELAMS is a pathway to McDonough Expeditionary Learning School (MELS).


  • Students at ELAMS benefit from an environment that teaches and expects courtesy, craftsmanship, resilience, and responsibility. We call this our Compass for Learners
  • ELAMS features a SmartBoard and computers in every classroom, state- of-the-art student computer lab, and iPad carts for interactive student learning
  • Community Partnerships with: Trinity College, The Boys & Girls Club of Hartford, The Discovery Center, Youth United for Survival (Y-US), Riverfront Recapture, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA)
Choice and Enrollment
We understand how valuable the right school experience is to a young person. Every child deserves the same opportunity for a great education. That means every child must have the choice of a school that meets his or her needs and interests. Hartford Public Schools serves about 22,000 district students: providing options to each one is a carefully designed, multi-step process. The better you understand what our schools have to offer, the better you will be able to engage in the selection of schools for your child by fully participating in the choice process.