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The Hartford Public Schools Office of School Choice manages and oversees the marketing, recruitment, and application process for all Hartford Public Schools. The Choice Office conducts the Hartford District Choice Lottery for the Hartford Public Schools.

The Choice Office works in collaboration with the Hartford Public School's Welcome Center and various community partners such as Achieve Hartford to ensure that families understand the school selection process and know the district school options.

In addition, the Office of School Choice works closely with the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) to ensure Hartford families are well-informed of all available school options and lottery application processes. To view the schedule of events/fairs click here.

Questions or concerns may be directed to the Choice office staff or the Executive Director of School Choice .

Understanding the School Selection Options

The most important thing to understand about school choice in Hartford is that all the participating schools are tuition free public schools with open enrollment.
The following are the different school choice opportunities available to Hartford families:
  • District/Neighborhood schools
  • Theme-Based Academies
  • Charter schools
  • Magnet schools
  • Open Choice (public schools outside of Hartford)

District/Neighborhood Schools are schools located in the same zone as where the student lives. Hartford has four school zones; if you are unsure what zone you live in, please visit SmarterHartford.org to find your home zone. Parents should note that choosing an out-of-zone school may affect availability of school transportation. Review the transportation guidelines to verify if your child is eligible for transportation. 

List of Schools Offered Through this Application

The following are Hartford Public Schools District/Neighborhood schools:

Elementary Schools

Batchelder School                         PK4 – 8th
Burr School                                  PK4 – 8th
Kennelly School                            PK4 – 8th
Martin Luther King Jr. School         PK4 – 8th
MD Fox School                              PK4 – 8th
Milner School                                PK4 – 8th
Naylor School                               PK4 – 8th
Parkville School                            PK4 – 5th
Rawson School                             PK4 – 8th
Sánchez School                            PK4 – 5th
SAND School                                K – 8th
Simpson-Waverly School               PK4 – 8th
West Middle School                       PK4 – 8th
Wish Museum School                     PK4 – 8th

Middle & High Schools

McDonough Middle School            6th - 8th
Bulkeley High School                   9th - 12th
High School, Inc.                         9th - 12th

If you are interested in one of these school options, click here to apply.

Theme-Based Academies have a particular educational focus.
The following are Hartford Public Schools Theme-Based Academies:

Elementary Schools

Asian Studies Academy at Bellizzi                   PK4 - 8th
Burns Latino Studies Academy                       PK4 - 8th
Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan     PK4 - 5th

PK-12 Schools

Global Communications Academy                        K -12th

(IB: International Bachelorate K-8)

High Schools

Academy of Engineering & Green Technology                9 - 12th
 Law & Government Academy                                       9 - 12th

 Nursing Academy                                                       9 - 12th

Journalism Media Academy                                          9 - 12th

If you are interested in one of these school options, click here to apply.

Charter Schools are independently-designed and operated schools that follow their own state-approved charter. They may be operated by organizations that operate schools in other cities or states. Each charter school have its own admission process; however all are tuition-free and have open enrollment.

The following are Charter Schools available to Hartford students:

Elementary Schools

Achievement First Hartford Elementary         K- 4th

Middle Schools

Achievement First Summit                           5 - 8th
Achievement First Hartford Middle                5 - 8th

This program is administered in conjunction with Hartford Public Schools. If you are interested in this option, click here to apply .

Magnet Schools have a separate application process that is administered by the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO). If you are interested in this option, please click here for the RSCO link .

Open Choice allows Hartford students to enroll in another neighboring city/town district public school. This program has its own application process and is administered by the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO). If you are interested in this option, please click here for the RSCO link .




Are you in the right place?

If applying to the Hartford District Choice lottery you made it! Click here to apply.  If you are looking into other options such as Hartford magnet or open choice please visit www.choiceeducation.org