Superintendents Message

All of us have a story.*

Our stories are an important part of who we are, and we carry them with us all the time-at home, at work, at play, at school. We all have a story of our SELF, the personal one that reflects our choices and lived experiences.

As members of the Hartford Public Schools community, there is also a shared story-the story of US. This story is about the work we have undertaken to transform Hartford Public Schools, to create amazing new options and opportunities for student learning and success. In the pages of this Future Guide you will find this story along with the school selection options available to your family. These many exciting choices not only reflect how far we have come as a public school district, but comprise the single largest menu of school types and theme-based educational options in the Greater Hartford region.

That is because for families, the most important story is the one of our CHILDREN-their hopes, their dreams, their preparedness for future success. We know that every child is unique. We also know that successful educational options must meet many needs. Options equal opportunities...and choices equal investments in our children's lives. I encourage you to talk as a family to learn more about your child's story-discuss their interests, their talents, their aspirations. This information will be critical in making the best selection for their school learning environment. Whatever your child's dreams or interests, you will find a school to match them here at Hartford Public Schools.

The future story of Hartford Public Schools is just beginning-and it will be told by ALL of us. Sharing, and understanding, each other's story is a critical component of the equity work that is moving Hartford Public Schools to the next level of success. Together, we will compose the next chapter of Hartford Public Schools-the story of NOW. EVERY child thrives. EVERY school is high performing. NO exceptions.

I am interested in learning more about your Hartford Public Schools story. If you have one to tell, please reach out by including MY STORY in the subject line and email me at: I look forward to hearing from you!

-Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Hartford Public Schools

* To learn more, see: "TELLING YOUR PUBLIC STORY-Self, Us, Now" by Marshall Ganz. Mr. Ganz speaks and writes about the importance of narrative and storytelling in inspiring vision, passion, and action for positive change.


Choice and Enrollment
We understand how valuable the right school experience is to a young person. Every child deserves the same opportunity for a great education. That means every child must have the choice of a school that meets his or her needs and interests. Hartford Public Schools serves about 22,000 district students: providing options to each one is a carefully designed, multi-step process. The better you understand what our schools have to offer, the better you will be able to engage in the selection of schools for your child by fully participating in the choice process.