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Superintendents Message

Today in Hartford Public Schools, we are writing our story of NOW.* Upon arrival in Hartford, I spoke about the importance of story-telling to inspire vision, passion, and action for positive change.  I talked about the story of self; our personal story of who we are, sharing and remembering the things that drive each and every one of us to do this important work on behalf of our students.  I talked about the daily narrative that reflects the story of who we are when we bring our personal experiences, gifts and talents to bear for the shared purpose of creating new options and opportunities for our students learning and success.  Finally, I previewed the story of NOW —the place where the story of self and us converge, creating a new narrative where Hartford Public Schools opens the door to opportunities and access anchored by the goal to ensure that:

EVERY student thrives and EVERY school is high performing, NO exceptions.

Open the pages of this Future Guide and you will find our developing story of NOW along with the school selection options available to your family.  This is a time of celebration at Hartford Public Schools; one does not have the best magnet school in America without being dedicated to creating new options and opportunities for students.  One does not win the distinction of a Green Ribbon school without a relentless commitment to the environment and green technology.  These many exciting school options not only reflect how far we have come as a public school district, but continue to comprise the single largest menu of school types and theme-based educational options on the Greater Hartford Region.  

I encourage you to talk as a family to learn more about your child’s story—discuss their interest, talents and aspirations.  This information will be critical in making the best selection for their school learning environment.  Whatever you child’s dreams or interests, you will find a school to match them here at Hartford Public Schools.  It is our mission to inspire and prepare ALL students to create their own success in and beyond school—our students will transform and change their world! 

Join us, in this brave new world of education and be inspired by the opportunities that we have to offer.  I am excited about the future of Hartford Public Schools as we cultivate our story of NOW increasing equity and excellence.

-Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Hartford Public Schools

 * To learn more, see: "TELLING YOUR PUBLIC STORY-Self, Us, Now" by Marshall Ganz. Mr. Ganz speaks and writes about the importance of narrative and storytelling in inspiring vision, passion, and action for positive change.


Are you in the right place?

If applying to the Hartford District Choice lottery you made it! Click here to apply.  If you are looking into other options such as Hartford magnet or open choice please visit www.choiceeducation.org