Welcome to your child's future!

Today, Hartford's children must be prepared to thrive-living, working, learning and playing-in a constantly changing environment. We live in a diverse community in a world that gets larger and more intimate every day. World changes translate to changes in our community. The transformation of Hartford Public Schools has provided teachers, students, and families with more opportunities and resources than ever before.

We are the State Capital's Portfolio District of Excellence and we are at the forefront of school reform in the country. Our multiple school options and opportunities for families in the Greater Hartford region has permanently altered our educational landscape. We have moved from traditional school models to theme-based schools of choice; each with a curriculum that empowers children and appeals to their interests.

We want you, our parents, to be engaged and inspired by the opportunities that Hartford has to offer. From neighborhood schools to magnet and open choice schools, Hartford Public Schools provides more educational opportunities to Hartford resident and suburban families than any other district in the region. School Choice is an exciting new concept that allows your child to select a school to explore his/her interests in math, science, sports, nursing, health, performing arts, and many other themes.

Whatever your child's dreams or interests, you can find a school to match them here in the Hartford Public Schools.

The Hartford District School Choice process has been re-envisioned to provide your family with easy-to-use tools to make informed decisions about your child's FUTURE. Explore the variety of school options and opportunities available to your child as part of Hartford Public Schools Portfolio of Excellence!

I encourage you to talk to your child, discuss his/her interests and aspirations, attend school fairs, and visit our schools before making your final selection of schools. Completing the process is easy once you narrow your choices. Remember, for you and your child-the FUTURE is present now!

-Christina M. Kishimoto, Ed.D. Superintendent

Choice and Enrollment
We understand how valuable the right school experience is to a young person. Every child deserves the same opportunity for a great education. That means every child must have the choice of a school that meets his or her needs and interests. Hartford Public Schools serves about 22,000 district students: providing options to each one is a carefully designed, multi-step process. The better you understand what our schools have to offer, the better you will be able to engage in the selection of schools for your child by fully participating in the choice process.