The Application Process

Remember: The application is not saved from year to year so if your child is in a transitional grade or you wish to explore other opportunities, you must apply annually.

Let's get started!

  1. Have a conversation with your child about his/her interests and talents
  2. Go to to see the school options within your home zone
  3. Get to know the school: attend a School Fair, School Open Houses, "Get on the Bus" high school tour, or Community Technical Assistance session
  4. Have your child's PowerSchool Student ID number handy. Contact your child's school to request the student ID number.
  5. Begin your application at To complete the application, parents will need the PowerSchool ID number and date of birth for each child.

Where can I find the Hartford District Choice application?
Hartford District Choice application for the 2020-21 can be found and completed online at

Where can I find Information on the Choice Application Process?
The Office of Enrollment & School Choice and the Welcome Center stand ready to assist! Assistance is also available:

  1. Online - Check out the on-line tutorial that will guide you through the easy steps to apply!
  2. Events & Technical Assistance - See Calendar of Events for listing of dates and times. Ongoing Technical Assistance sessions are held at libraries and schools.
  3. At your child's school - Each school has trained staff to assist you.

If I applied last year, do I have to reapply?
Yes. The lottery is conducted on yearly basis; last year's application information is no longer valid. Remember, if your child will be starting a transitional grade (PK4, K, and 9) you must apply.

How many schools can I select for my child?
You have the option to select up to four(4) schools. If your child is in a transitional grade
(PK4, K, and 9) and there is no space in any of the schools selected, your child will be placed in a school within your home zone. Parents are responsible to transport the student to and from school if the student is attending an out-of-zone school, therefore you are encouraged to select schools within your home zone.

How do I know which schools are in my Home Zone?
Visit to find your home zone and a list of schools in your zone.

Can I submit changes to my Hartford District Choice Application?
Yes. Changes can be made throughout the lottery application period of November 1, 2019 to February 28, 2020. You must log in to make the changes to your application. Notification of changes will be sent via email.





Are you in the right place?

If you are submitting a Hartford District Choice application, you made it!
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If you are looking into other options such as Hartford magnet or open choice please visit