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Still have questions? Contact us at:

Hartford Public Schools Office of Enrollment & School Choice
Phone: (860) 695-8876, Email: schoolchoice@hartfordschools.org

Regional School Choice Office
Phone: (860) 713-6990


Office of Enrollment & School Choice, 330 Wethersfield Avenue, 1st Floor

Sherri Davis-Googe, Executive Director
(860) 695-8821

Kayla Pallas, Assistant Director
(860) 695-8750

Milagros Rivera, Executive Assistant
(860) 695-8758

Denise O. Torres, Program Manager of Data, Technology, and Accountability
(860) 695-8752

Liz Mendez, Senior Placement and Recruitment Specialist
(860) 695-8405

Marilyn Cancel, Placement and Recruitment Specialist
(860) 695-1514

Angelita Perez, Placement and Recruitment Specialist
(860) 695-1513



Regional School Choice Office, (Magnet Office) 450 Columbus Blvd, Ste P28

Sherri Davis-Googe, Executive Director
(860) 713-6994

Kayla Pallas, Assistant Director
(860) 713-6995

Milagros Rivera, Executive Assistant
(860) 713-6992

Laura Cardeno Jaramillo, Community Specialist 

(860) 713-6990

Carmen Santana, Senior Placement and Recruitment Specialist
(860) 713-6920

Susan Morales, Placement and Recruitment Specialist
(860) 713-6939


Need assistance with the Hartford District Choice Application or the Magnet/Open Choice Application, contact us!



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If you are looking into other options such as Hartford magnet or open choice please visit www.choiceeducation.org