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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Transitional Student?
Students entering Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) and Kindergarten are transitional students and must submit an application.

If I want my child to attend a pre-kindergarten (age 4) program, do I have to complete a lottery application?

Yes. Pre-K is considered a transitional grade and therefore an application is required. Hartford Public Schools offers Pre-Kindergarten for 4 year olds (PK-4). HPS PK-4 program is partially funded through a School Readiness Grant, and involves a weekly fee, based on household income. To qualify, a child must be 4 years of age by January 1st of the school year you are applying for.

Do I have to submit an application for Kindergarten for my 4-year-old who is currently enrolled in Pre-K4 in a Hartford district school?
If your child is currently attending PK4 in a district school in your residential zone, you do not have to apply; s/he will remain at their current school for Kindergarten. If your child's current school is not within your residential zone, an application should be submitted to select a school within your Home Zone to be eligible for transportation for Kindergarten.

Do I have to submit an application for 6th grade for my 5th grader attending Burns Latino Studies Academy, Sanchez Elementary School, Parkville Community School, or Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan?
Students in the 5th grade attending Burns Latino Studies Academy, Sanchez Elementary School, Parkville Community School, or Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan do not have to submit a lottery application. The students will be automatically seated at McDonough Middle School for 6th grade. If a parent wishes to explore other school options, then a Hartford Choice application must be completed.

My family is undocumented. Can my child participate in the lottery process and attend school?

All children living in the United States have the right to a free K-12 public education. Immigrant students do not need a green card, visa, passport, alien registration number, or social security number in order to register for school. Schools are required to provide undocumented immigrant students equal access to the same benefits as all students. 

What happens if my child is retained (held back) in his/her current grade?

It is important that you keep the Choice Office informed of any changes to your child's application. If you are informed that your child is being retained and you contact the office before the Lottery is conducted, your child can be entered into the Lottery with the updated grade level. Children who have been retained will generally remain at the same school.

 Other Hartford Public Schools educational resources:

OPPortunity Academy (OA) is a partnership school between the Hartford Public Schools and Our Piece of the Pie, a leading youth development agency that helps Hartford youth ages 14 to 24. Opportunity Academy is designed for students, ages 16-21, who are over-aged, under-credited and are looking for a way to accelerate credit attainment in order to graduate. OPPortunity Academy is uses a competency-based, blended learning approach in a self-paced, student-focused environment. The intake process involves 2 rounds of interviews, one individual, and one group style. If you have specific questions regarding Opportunity Academy, or want to schedule an intake interview, please call Rodney L. Powell, Principal, at (860) 761-7360 or email him at Rodney.powell@opp.org.

Hartford Adult Education Center can help you whether you are thinking of participating in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes or pursuing your GED. If you have specific questions regarding Hartford Adult Education Center, call Dr. Zandralyn Gordon, Director of the Adult Education Center at (860) 695-5840 or email her at ZGordon@hartfordschools.org.

You may contact any of the offices below if you have any specific questions pertaining to your child.


Special Education

Special Education

Department's Main Number

(860) 695-8450

Karen Russ

Executive Assistant for Special Education

(860) 695-8600

Heath Services / 504 Accommodations

Deborah Chameides

Health Services Coordinator

(860) 695-8760

Kristin Garcia

504 Compliance Manager

(860) 695-8804

English Language Learner

Daisy Torres

Director of English Learner Services, Dual Language, World Languages

(860) 695-8661, daisy.torres@hartfordschools.org

Families in Transition / Foster Care

Leslie Carrillo

Homeless & Family Service Specialist 

(860) 695-8504, CARRL003@hartfordschools.org

Pre-Kindergarten (PK-4)

Stacey Youmatz

District Lead Teach for Early Childhood (PreK-4)

(860) 695-8636, youms001@hartfordschools.org

Office of School Choice

(860) 695-8876, schoolchoice@hartfordschools.org 



HPS Lottery Application Process

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