Who We Are


A Message From Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez,
Superintendent, Hartford Public Schools

We look forward to the 2021-2022 school year with hope and anticipation. We are confident that our talented faculty and dedicated staff will continue to provide exceptional academic experiences and social-emotional supports for every student. We are committed to our core mission of supporting student success through every grade and in any circumstance, while remaining focused on health and safety. Whether in-person or remote, our curriculum is designed to enhance intellectual growth and foster emotional stability.

We are prepared to deliver inspiring opportunities for all our students, rooted in quality instruction and confidence-building. We have learned through the pandemic that our commitment to family engagement and community partnerships is essential for our collective success. During a time when it is so easy to lose touch, we are focused on innovative ways to collaborate with our community through relevant and timely information to support every child’s academic path forward.

We hope that you find the School Guide useful as you review our Hartford Public School offerings. Our district and school leaders are available to answer your questions and they are ready to collaborate with you in making the next chapter of your child’s journey a success. This is a moment in history that we will all remember. We are honored to partner with you in creating a thoughtful, healthy and engaging experience for each of our beautiful and capable students.



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